Spray tans:

Please allow 6 hours before any contact with water so the tan can develop, then shower off. Your water will run brown. Pat or allow skin to air dry (don’t rub) then moisturise. Exfoliate gently on day 5 to help the tan wear evenly and moisturise as often as possible.

Hair removal:

please try to avoid heat treatments for 24 hours. Gently exfoliate the area weekly to prevent ingrown hairs. Massage and body treatments: please try to drink plenty of water and take it easy following treatments as massage drains toxins via the lymphatic system.


please try to avoid wearing make up for 12 hours, drink plenty of water and apply spf to protect your skin.

All Nail treatments:

please remember to look after your nails, avoid soaking nails in water for long periods of time (wear rubber gloves). Apply a cuticle oil to help keep them healthy. Try not to file nails, or pick at them as this can damage your natural nails.

Eyelash extensions:

use only water based products, as oil can dissolve the glue used to apply them. Don’t pick at them as this can damage your natural lashes. Only brush them as and when you need to.


Any extra advice given regarding specific treatments should always be followed to help improve and maintain your treatment.