Sothys is a world leading professional skin care house. This professional range is recognised globally and incorporates advanced skin care technology. There treatments include intensive facials, luxurious body care and high performance homecare products.

Courses will be tailor made by your therapist and discounts are available when a course of facials are purchased.


Essential Daily Cares

45 minutes - £30

A prescriptive facial to introduce, maintain and protect all skin types. Helps to preserve the beauty and strength of the skin and maintains a natural healthy glow. This treatment is customised by your therapist according to the concerns and needs of your skin.

Collagen Hyaluronique

75 minutes - £50

An Intensive Anti-Ageing Treatment combining the latest anti-ageing technologies and exclusive massage techniques that are adapted according to each stage of the ageing process. An exclusive professional diagnosis is provided to determine your skins 'cosmetic age' enabling to offer a complete and customised anti-ageing solution for you. With clinically proven and long lasting results of upto 42% reduction in lines and wrinkles and 92% improvement in skin firmness after just 3 treatments.
A homecare serum is provided as a gift of 7 days application to enhance the results at home.

Seasonal Facial

45 minutes - £35

Just like our seasons our skin changes. The seasonal care facial reflects this change and changes twice yearly. Each facial has new active ingredients that will rejuvenate, hydrate, smooth, brighten and protect the skin from the elements. A homecare serum is provided as a gift of 7 days application to enhance the results at home.

Resurfacing Peeling Treatment

60 minutes - £40

A double action peeling treatment for all skins concerned with a lack of radiance, tiredness, blemishes, scarring, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, flaky & rough skins, and uneven skin tones.
Using a microdermabrasion exfoliant and glycolic with salicylic peel, this treatment will deeply resurface the skin whilst Sothys cosmeceutical complex and oxygenating actives will remove all particles of pollution and deeply repair and protect the skins deeper layers to provide you with a smooth, healthy and glowing complexion.

Tropic Skincare Facial


A Tailor made tropical facial designed to work in harmony- to feed, protect and rejuvenate your skin. It’s 100% natural and suits all skin types even the most sensitive of skins.