Envelop the body and mind in the soothing relaxing atmosphere of your customised escape, where you can choose the fragrance and texture of your treatment to make a truly indulgent body experience with the results you wish to achieve.

A smoothing salt scrub can be followed by a relaxing full body massage using your chosen texture of product infused with the escape fragrance of your choice. Choose from a delicious warm melting butter, oil or cream and then add the fragrance of your choice;

• Lemon and petitegrain – Fresh Vibrant and Uplifting
• Vanilla and Sandalwood - Soothing Calming and Warming
• Orange blossom and cedar wood- Relaxing, De-stressing and Pampering

This treatment is offered as either;


Customised body exfoliation

30 minutes - £30

Customised Full body Massage

45 minutes - £30

Silouhette Slimming Wrap

3 areas - £25
6 areas - £30

If you need to lose inches for that special occasion, our Silhouette Slimming wrap is proven to reduce body size & cellulite!

This treatment is for men and women, the purpose is fast and convenient, we simply apply the unique formulation to your target areas and leave the product to work for 20 minutes. (to include a relaxing 10 minute face and head, or foot massage) Unlike other wraps, this is not just a water loss wrap and we would actively encourage you to drink at least 2 litres a day.

The process works by effectively drawing out the trapped toxins and impurities that live in and around your fat cells and by disposing of them through the body's own elimination system while the tight compress's gently sculpt your body shape, therefore creating safe inch loss, detoxification, improved skin texture and contouring of the body. The wrap uses a fusion of natural ingredients that work in harmony with each other and with your body, to leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and purified.

On average people lose about 15 cm per wrap, with the most being 50, they really do work